Thursday, 5 June 2014

Throwback Thursday

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day.

I had an idiot on twitter tell me "I think you need to get a proper job."
What does he know? Firstly I've just made a short film that I'm really proud of. Secondly I'm taking a show up to Edinburgh which is a really exciting prospect. And thirdly I'm a swimming teacher, a job a love!

Straight after this joker told me to get a proper job I went into work and started some new swimming lessons. Up until now I've just been covering for other teachers but as of yesterday I now have three groups of my own (and want more!). I had so much fun! I have three lovely groups. Especially the third group - three little girls aged 7 & 8 - who are quite a bit more advanced than the first two and so I can teach them from the poolside (I'm in the water for the first two lessons).

At the end of my first lesson one little boy said that I was "the best teacher I've had" :) so really shows that the fool on twitter - serious about what he said or not? - knows absolutely zilch, zero, nada, nothing. I have a job. A job I love. A job I'm good at!

From work I went to meet my friend Leah. I'd done a quick mile swim before work, so I was starving at this point and stopped at Sainsburys for some cheap sushi to stave off the hunger for a little while. Now there are a few reasons that I like sushi. One reason is that it absolutely never contains cheese! At least that's what I thought. And this is important because if you know me at all you'll know that I hate cheese. I detest it. Yes all cheeses! No I don't eat it on pizza! If you want to know how bad it is; just writing the word cheese is unpleasant (and look just how many times I've just had to write it!). So imagine my reaction when I bit into the first piece of sushi and before I had a chance to swallow it  - luckily - the intense feeling to throw up took a hold of me. After spitting the offending food into a nearby - but not close enough! - bin, I looked at the sushi package to find the words "Sushi Fusion" on the front and "soft cheese" on the back! Seriously who fuses sushi and cheese?

Trying to pretend I hadn't just had cheese in my mouth I got the tube to Stepney Green where I was "accosted" in the street by a man claiming to be homeless. To be fair he looked fairly homeless. And if any one knows me they know I'm a pretty sensitive guy and one of the things I hate to see most is people sleeping on the streets. I therefore like to help people if and when I can. But the thing is I only had a £10 note on me and I'm way too poor - like not sure how I'm going to pay my rent at the end of the month poor - to give him that so I really couldn't help. Plus there was just something about him. There is always someone asking for change in London and I can't give it to everyone. And the worst thing about this guy was that he was persistent. Like he thought that if he followed me down the road giving me his whole sob story I would buy it, feel sorry for him, change my mind and give him some change.

Five minutes later he was really starting to get on my nerves. Firstly I didn't have any change. Secondly I didn't believe a word of what he was saying. Thirdly I was on the phone!!! I had several missed calls from my mum and I was trying to call her back and so at some point I said "look, you following me down the road annoying me isn't going to make me change my mind and give you any money". At which point he called me "heartless". Haha. Which is hilarious because if you know me, you know that although far from perfect, I am also far from heartless.

Anyway. Onto the cinema where I met my friend Leah. Where we catch up and chat about grandparents. Unfortunately since our last catch up her nan was tragically killed in an accident. She wrote a lovely blog about it here, you should definitely read it!

I update her about my short film, my Edinburgh show and how the big swim is going and she tells me all about the last few weeks and her new job which she loves. We also chat about our equally pathetic love lives. I then realise that I have missed calls and a text message from my younger sister: "...mum has asked me to update you about nan...". I go outside and call my sister. Things aren't good. "Me nan" is in hospital. She's very poorly. They're hopeful that the medication will work. She's strong but it's a crucial time. They're not sure if she will survive the night.

This rocks me to my core. "Me nan" is my favourite person in the world. I'm not ready to lose her just yet. Don't go nan. Not yet.

We watch X-Men. I don't like action movies but it's better than I expected. In truth I quite enjoyed it and it helped me to take my mind off things.

I speak to my mum on the way home. She's hopeful and will keep me informed the best she can. If things look bad I'm on the next train home to Wales! Maybe I should be there already? I don't know what to do. I'm in limbo!

I go home, find this song on twitter and listen to it on repeat:

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