Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Shopping basket

Once and for all I have stopped trying to cut out snacking.
It's in my DNA! Passed down from me nan who didn't eat chocolate but ALWAYS had a GIANT bar of fruit and nut stuffed down the side of the settee.

I went to the supermarket yesterday and bought:
Fruit Juice
Wholegrain Rice
Wholegrain Rice
Mixed Salad
Mixed Peppers
Red Grapes

I can't help myself! Look at that shopping basket above. Pretty healthy, no? But I had to add a bag of sweets. I just had to! There was no way I was going to leave that shop without buying something sweet. If in the extremely unlikely event that I did manage to do so I would have found an excuse to go into another shop on the way home and buy sweets, chocolate, cookies, donuts etc, etc. I can't help it. I have a massive sweet tooth and - although I still don't eat chocolate bars - I just need to stop trying to fight it!

Yesterday I started the day with cereal and a grapefruit, had salmon, rice and a rainbow salad for dinner and gammon and veg for me tea. A fairly well balanced day I think?

But I can't stop myself from snacking in between so I'm simply going to try and make sure that my snacks are a little healthier than they used to be. And yesterday I nearly succeeded. I snacked on grapes and plumbs before finally succumbing to a tasty cinnamon swirl! I couldn't help myself but I don't care because there's nothing wrong with having the odd bad thing, especially when for the rest of the day I ate pretty darn healthy.

PS a note to other people trying to eat healthily. The Shapers Blueberry & Yogurt Nougat Bar - photographed above - are gorgeous and are only 89 calories. However, they're not so healthy if you eat two at a time :)

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