Sunday, 8 June 2014


It's "official" I'm allergic to chlorine!

For weeks and weeks I was sneezing all night and waking up with a blocked nose. First I put it down to my room being dusty. So I had a massive spring clean but no change. So I put it down to hay fever instead. It was that time of year, the blossom was on the trees, people were complaining about it and I was starting to see high pollen warnings at the end of the tv weather report. Plus I've heard so many accounts of people who have never suffered from it before, who suddenly start getting hay fever in their 20's or even 30's. So it made sense! Except that wasn't it.

I had a couple of lazy/busy weeks where I didn't swim as much as I should have done and the sneezing and blocked nose stopped. That was until the other night! I'm back at home in Wales for a few days - me nan's not very well - and so I went swimming in the pool at Christleton - where the swimming began 9 months ago - and wow was the chlorine strong!

Now of course chlorine is not particularly good for any of us - it has been used as a chemical weapon during wars - but my reaction was quite bad from just going for a swim. When I had finished swimming and gotten out of the pool, my face was bright red and stinging, the smell was strong - I smelt like I'd been to the Rhyl Sun Centre - and my nose was literally streaming! I sneezed all night and woke up the next day with a blocked nose. It was definitely the chlorine!

So there it is. I am allergic to chlorine! A swimmer whose sensitive to the water they swim in haha. Hopefully I won't have to swim at Christleton too many times. Then when I'm back in London the pool I usually swim at isn't as heavily chlorinated and I'm also about to start swimming outdoors. Plus luckily there's no chlorine in the sea because there is no way I could survive 12+ hours in such heavily chlorinated water!

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