Thursday, 29 May 2014

Worst swim

Yesterday I had the worst swim!

It felt like I can gone back 6 months in my development. My times were appalling and there was nothing I could do about it. I had no energy. I tried to swim faster but I just couldn't.

There are a couple of things I could maybe put it down to.

I hadn't swam in 6 days (I went up to Wales for a few days for my niece's 6th birthday and then down to Bristol for a couple to work on the edit of my short film Letters). This is massive! It's amazing how quickly your speed and stamina can deteriorate when you don't swim for a little while. But they don't deteriorate this quickly!

There was also the fact that I hadn't eaten properly. But well this is almost always the case so I'm not sure how much this affected me. I didn't feel hungry before or during my swim and not particularly hungry afterwards - certainly no more than usual - but not eating correctly before I swim will of course affect my energy levels.

A couple of hours before I swam I had lifeguard training. I don't know if this took it out of me a little? We did a life saving medley which involved four different rescues against the clock. I did it in 2min 5sec which was a respectable time - surely too short a burst to tire me out for later - though not as quick as I would have liked to have done it. There were a couple of people who did it a lot quicker than me. Being Mr Competitive obviously I didn't like this but there were two things 1) I am slow at towing people 2) I just didn't have any energy!

And lastly, I forgot my swimming kit which meant I wore no cap, goggles left at the pool - for a reason - and shorts that were about 3 sizes too big. I'm sure this made a difference. The shorts were so big that they caused a huge amount of costume drag. But enough to add nearly 30secs onto my 200m freestyle and 50secs onto my 400m freestyle?

Whatever the reason(s) it really was a terrible, terrible swim. I had no energy and kept on getting cramp in my foot, calf, thigh and even my groin at some point. And my times! My times were beyond terrible. I couldn't believe how slow I was!

For example I normally do 200m freestyle at around 2min 45sec - a full minute off the world record but a training time I'm fairly happy with. I think I could probably beat 2min 30sec sprinting - and I never normally do it in more than 3mins, not even towards the end of my swim when I'm getting tired. Yesterday I was doing it around 3min 10secs.

But that was it. I wasn't particularly tired when I got out. I wasn't out of breath and feeling sick. I could have pushed myself a lot harder and normally do but I just had no energy and was therefor really slow.

I'm going to the pool again today. This time I will eat a nice tuna salad two hours before I swim, I won't be doing any other exercise and I will be wearing my own swimming kit. Let's see what difference that makes. Hopefully a lot!

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