Monday, 14 April 2014

Friday Feeling

This is a swimming blog but how often do I actually talk about swimming? I'm generally too busy talking about my none existent love life, sweets and the people who swim at my pool.  

But that's because this blog follows my journey as I prepare to swim the channel and so it's more than just a swimming blog; it's a lifestyle blog (whatever one of those is). Which means that I can talk about all this other things that link (often quite tenuously) to my swimming too. 

But I probably should talk about actual swimming from time to time... right?

Here goes:
Every Friday I swim 2miles front crawl without stopping. That's 3200m or 128 lengths of a standard 25m pool. I look forward to this. It's a bit of a challenge. I say "a bit of a challenge" because in fact I only really found it quite difficult the first time. Ever since - I've only done it 5 times - then I've completed it without too much hassle, being tired but not too tired that - after a short rest - I can't complete another 8 lengths in less than 3 mins (which is fairly fast for me).

I always time myself when I swim. Partly to make sure I'm keeping up a good pace but also because it's nice to track my progress. And on the last few Fridays I've seen a marked improvement.

The last two times for my 2 mile swim prior to the Friday just gone (11th April 2014) were 54:15:09 and 52:48:83. So clearly my next target had to be to dip under 50 minutes for the first time. I didn't necessarily expect to do it straight away. I thought that if I kept improving by a minute or so each week then it would take a couple of weeks but I would hopefully do it soon.

Well that was what I was thinking until I got in the water on Friday, when I thought "come on mudder booker we can do this"! With this in mind I went for it and to my surprise and pride I did it in 49:29:24. I'd only gone and smashed the 50 minute barrier by more than 30 seconds!

And even after that I still wasn't completely shattered. In fact I reckon I could have done another 2 miles and maybe another couple after that. But there just aren't enough hours in the day.

So next week I need to improve on 49:29:24. Maybe go under 49 minutes if I can? And I think I can because although at some point surely I'm going to be hitting times which I'm going to start struggling to beat the next week. But hopefully that doesn't happen just yet. I feel as though I've still got plenty left in the tank.

So for now, my PB stands at 49:29:24 but hopefully this weeks I will smash that too. Wish me luck!

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