Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sweet teeth (update)

A little while ago in an attempt to improve my eating habits - in a blog post called Sweet Teeth - I set myself a challenge (a very chocolatey challenge).

I would eat one of my favourite chocolate bars each day for ten days and then once I had eaten all ten, that would be it! I would give up eating chocolate bars for good (or at least until after my swim). And I would like to say that in not eating chocolate bars I have done very well.

It is now over a month since I ate my last chocolate bar. A White Lion Bar (just writing about it is making me crave one so much). However, although I gave up eating chocolate bars, it hasn't exactly stopped me from eating chocolate. It has only succeeded in stopping me from eating it in bar form. I have however been very happy to eat chocolate in egg form and lots of other forms too no doubt.

I don't think that at any point I actually said I would be giving up chocolate all together? I said I would stop eating chocolate bars but I went no further than that because I knew how tough giving up chocolate completely would prove for me. With no exaggeration - ok maybe a little - giving up chocolate would literally be 1 million times harder for me than giving up alcohol was!

& so although I no longer eat chocolate bars. What you can probably deduced from this blog post - as well as the fact I have just this second finished plying my face with 780 Kcal worth of Toffee Bonbons - unfortunately it hasn't done a great deal of good for my general eating habits. I have simply swapped chocolate bars for Toffee Bonbons.

There is still some way to go. That's for sure!

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