Thursday, 6 March 2014


I have two pairs of swimming goggles.

An old pair.
And an even older pair.

The old pair aren't really all that old - I bought them in the summer - but they are now broken! Which is so frustrating as I really can't afford to waste spend £15 on a new pair.

I was swimming yesterday when I pulled on the elastic - maybe a little too hard - and as elastic has a tendency to, it went snap! Otherwise the goggles were fine. Originally they were very uncomfortable to wear. The two eye pieces were too far apart or maybe my eyes are too close together - it's unimportant which is correct - and so if I wore them for any period of time - which I would regularly wear them for 1hr 20mins - they would really start to hurt my eyes, Leaving my eye socket feeling bruised. As I swim regularly this was a tenderness that never seemed to go away for months. And then when I finally wear them in or maybe they finally wore my eyes in - do they look further apart to you? haha - and they are at last comfortable to wear; the elastic only goes and snaps.

So now I'm back to wearing the 'even older pair' which is ok because they're comfortable but less ok because they steam up instantly meaning I can't see a thing and fill up with water constantly meaning I might as well not be wearing any.

If only the elastic from one set of goggles fit onto the other. Unfortunately they do not - I've tried. I've also tried to fix them with superglue, staples and sellotape. None of which have worked! Meaning that I'm probably going to have to buy a new pair. & I think I'm probably going to buy the 'even older pair' again because before they started to steam up and leak they were a really good and comfortable pair of goggles.

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