Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cold weather training

I blogged about warm weather training recently and although it would be so nice to be in a warm country swimming in it's calm, crystal clear seas. What I actually need (unfortunately) is cold weather training!

The swimming pool I currently swim in is 29C. 
Which feels quite cold when you first get in - especially if you've just had a warm shower - but you soon warm up and in fact then tend to over heat. 29C is too hot for serious swimming. Competitive swimming pools are normally keep at around 27C but our pool  - although a 25m pool - is swimming a pool at a gym and so tends to attract swimmers that are somewhere between non-swimmers and distinctly average. Which is why it's kept at this slightly higher temperature. And it's too warm! It's both too warm and too still for my training. It's served me well up until now but it's definitely time for some outdoor swimming.

The English Channel is likely to be somewhere between 15C & 18C (even at the end of the summer). Which will not only feel quite cold but will be very cold. So next week I will be starting to train in the swimming ponds at Hampstead Heath (where according to the website the water temperature is currently 9C - that's 9 degrees! I don't know if I can cope with that haha).

Watch this space! 

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