Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Begging Video

I'm in the middle of a period of slow burning panic!

The thing is: if I want to do this swim (which I do - more than anything!) I have to find £3000 by the end of April (which is like 7 weeks away).

& at the moment that is looking anything but realistic. I've looked down the back of the settee - nothing doing! I've looked in my bank account - more chance of me finding money down the back of the settee. I've thought about begging my family and friends - but I don't want to do that. So the way I see it now is that my only option is to (very politely) beg strangers!

To do this I will be making a video which I will use to try and extortion bleed guilt  (it's proving hard to find the right word) to encourage - yes that's it! ENCOURAGE!

(Let's try that again)
To do this I will be making a video which I will use to try and encourage people and companies to donate money, products, equipment, time, expertise - just about anything they can. But never fear. If you feel as though you don't have anything to donate, then you can help by sharing the video with as many people - who maybe can - as possible (for example: do you work for a multinational company that might be able to help me?). Any help - no matter how small it might seem - will mean the world to me. Especially if the final outcome of this is that it helps me to achieve my life long dream of swimming the English Channel!

With the help of the wonderful oftheredproductions I will hopefully have this video ready in the next week or two.

So - Watch this space!

ps if you know anyone who has a boat and could realistically take me across the channel (a real boat, row boats & pedal boats would not be ideal haha) please let me know as hiring a boat and pilot is the biggest expense and anyway I can cut down on costs would be amazing.

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