Thursday, 13 February 2014

Warm weather training

There was a "news story" this week that suggested that Rio Ferdinand wouldn't be travelling with the rest of the Manchester United squad for warm weather training in Dubai. I'm not really sure what the benefit of warm weather training is. Maybe it's just nice to see the sun again? Either way in Moyes we trust (I couldn't write that without laughing haha).

But with the rumours of a bust up between Rio and David Moyes bouncing around the web and stories emerging that Rio would be retiring at the end of the season. Both player and manager spoke out to dismiss the rumours and insist that Rio would be flying out with the rest of the squad to - the no doubt 5* resort in - Dubai after the bore draw against Arsenal at the Emirates last night.

And it got me thinking.

I could do with a little warm weather training to help with my swimming! I already have enough excuses for not swimming to get past without high winds and flooding stopping me.

OK so the bad weather hasn't really been much of an issue in London and if there is flooding it will make swimming easier as it brings the water to me instead of me having to travel 45 minutes to the swimming pool. But looking out of the window at the swirling rain hardly makes me want to get ready and walk 10 minutes to the tube station or get two buses because they've decided to have another tube strike.

No what I need is to get myself abroad. Somewhere the weather is a bit nicer. It doesn't have to be Dubai. In fact I'd rather it wasn't if I'm being honest. Somewhere in the Mediterranean would be nice? Somewhere a little warmer, where it doesn't rain everyday would be more than ideal. Somewhere I can work outdoors - maybe do a spot of gardening - write poetry under an olive tree during my lunch break and go for a swim after work. Possibly somewhere I can swim outdoors might be nice... not that I've spent much time thinking about it ;)

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