Thursday, 27 February 2014

Crisp dreams

I don't remember exactly when I gave up eating crisps. I think it might have been back in January 2007. Which would make it over 7 years ago now! & in all that time I have never eaten as much as a single Quaver.

Obviously the temptation has been there. Supermarket aisles crammed with them, party buffets filled with them and "kind" friends constantly offering me one from the bag they've just opened. Now I used to eat them a lot - more than one packet a day, everyday - but obviously at the same time it's not like I was giving up smoking or hard drugs. I wasn't addicted to eating crisps - at least not severely - and so giving up wasn't too bad. Especially seeing as I continued to eat chocolate bars - until recently - cakes, biscuits, sweets and all the other things I need to eat in an attempt to satisfy my headful of sweet teeth. 

I have suffered from one rather strange side affect however:
Recurring crisp dreams! 

I have these recurring dreams where the location often differs but the events are always the same: I'm at some sort of party and there are some  - typical British - party snacks on a table. If you grew up in Britain in the 80's & 90's and probably even if you didn't, I'm sure you'll know the type of spread I'm talking about: a cheese and pineapple hedgehog, sandwich triangles, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, party rings and of course several bowls of - nobody knows what flavour they are so don't ask just taste - crisps. 

So there I am at the table - I'm normally chatting to someone - when I reach out and grab an unidentified crisp from one of the bowls and in slow motion I bring it up towards my mouth. The whole time I'm thinking "oh no I'm not meant to be eating this" but I'm unable to stop my hand from shoving the crisp mouthwards or my mouth from opening up for the tasty snack. Crisp in mouth I start to chew and the whole time I do so I'm feeling awful. Plus the crisp has no flavour at all, except maybe a taste of disappointment (a flavour I seem to know well). But I don't spit it out. I just continue to chew and chew. I don't swallow the tasteless mulch either. I'm about to but before I do I always wake up (in a slight panic before realising it was just another crisp dream). 

Interestingly - at least I find it interesting - I have given up the consumption of other things since. I gave up eating chocolate bars recently -you can read a blog post about that here - I gave up eating sausage rolls last August - you can also read about that here - and before that I gave up drinking alcohol back in May (I still haven't told you about that. I think I will at some point but not just yet). So why is it that over the last seven years, I have regularly and right from the beginning, had dreams where I accidentally eat a crisp and feel really bad about it? & yet I've never had the same dream but with chocolate bars, sausage rolls or alcohol?

What is it that's so special about crisps? 

Ps if you're reading this in America or a country where you learnt English through watching American television, crisps are what you call chips! 

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