Thursday, 23 January 2014

Swimming Teacher

I got some super, exciting, excellent, awesome, amazing, brilliant, marvellous, fantastic, terrific, wonderful, wondrous, tre-men-dous news a couple of days ago.

Ok so I've over egged it slightly - it's probably not quite that great - but I did get some pretty big news on Tuesday. After just 3 & 1/2 months in my job - possible the worlds most boring job - as a lifeguard - I was waiting for the 6 month probation period to end before becoming eligible - I have somehow managed to get myself onto an upcoming Teaching Aquatics level 1 course which is the first step towards me becoming a swimming teacher. The whole reason for becoming a lifeguard in the first place! Because as well as experience, being a lifeguard gets me a significant staff discount on the training course! Happy days!

So yay for me! Because come the end of April, I will hopefully be a fully qualified, fully employed swimming teacher. An infinitely more interesting job that will quadruple my pay packet over night. Get in!

So keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes well, that I pass level 1 & 2 and prove myself to be employable in my new career because I can't think of a better job for me... can you? Well maybe Hollywood scriptwriter but good things come to those who wait work hard. & so in the meantime - while I wait for the phone call from Harvey Weinstein - a job that combines working with children and swimming sounds pretty darn good to me!

Wish me luck!

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