Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sweet teeth

I have a serious sweet tooth!

In fact it would be a much more accurate description to say that I have a mouthful of sweet teeth. I can't help it I just love anything sweet: biscuits, cakes (especially birthday cakes made by my super talented sister), pastries, toffee, fudge, treacle, pick-a-mix, ice cream, candy floss - literally anything sweet and obviously and most importantly I am completely obsessed with CHOCOLATE!

I have talked about healthy eating and my struggle with it before here and I have also talked about giving up food here.

But here I am talking about it again because it is something that is incredibly important. I am working hard, swimming 4 times a week but eating foods that are bad for me every single day is undoing so much of my hard work and it has to stop!

So as much as it pains me and as I much as I am going to struggle with this - for once I'm luckily that I am incredibly stubborn - I really need to stop eating all these sweet, sugary and fatty foods. But I'm not going to just give everything up all at once. That would be just too difficult. Instead I'm going to take it a category at a time.

First stop chocolate bars! & I've found a really fun way to do it!

Below you will find a list my top ten favourite chocolate bars and over the next 10 days I will eat each one one last time and then when I've made my way through the list, that's it. No more chocolate bars for me (for now). Stopping is going to be so hard but at least I will have a fun and tasty 10 days doing it.

So here they are. My 10 favourites chocolate bars. Finishing with my all time favourite: White Lion Bar - forget the wheel, the aeroplane and the internet. The white chocolate Lion Bar is the best invention ever!!! haha

1. Galaxy Caramel
2. Kitkat Chunky (White)
3. Yorkie
4. Wispa Gold
5. Toffee Crisp
6. Double Decker
7. Boost
8. Chocolate Cream
9. Marvellous Creations (Jelly Popping Candy Shells)
10. White Lion Bar

ps. I might have to extend it to a top 15 or 20 as there are so many I couldn't fit into the top 10: Turkish Delight, Milky Way, Dime, Twirl and the list goes on and on haha


  1. Awww what a fab idea! Tough tho to give up all your favourites but Ive heard its a good way to do it. Top of my list would be the crunchie , can't get enough of crunchies! mmmmm nom nom nom! Enjoy the next 10 ten days :) Sounds like heaven but good luck for thereafter!xxxxx

    1. Thanks! I'm not looking forward to it - the thereafter that is. I'll no doubt still have the occasional treat I just can't continue eating the amount of chocolate and sweets I do everything single day.