Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year


I've been looking forward to 2014 even more than I was dreading turning 30 (which was a hell of a lot if you're wondering). I'm excited to see what it might bring.

Not least because it quite simply has to be better than 2013!

Which in fairness had it's good points!
I cemented old friendships and made some wonderful new ones. People that have very quickly become some of my best friends. I've made small steps towards making this writing things work - there is now a book on sale with my name on the front cover which is pretty cool. You can buy a copy here - I have made yet another dramatic change of direction with my career in working towards being a swimming instructor and I was lucky enough to visit a new city and a whole new country when I went to Berlin at the beginning of December. Let's hope that 2014 brings even more travelling and plenty of time with the people I love because after all, that's what it's all about!

After 2013, a year where everything changed: relationship status, living arrangements, jobs, the lot! I think what my life needs from 2014 is some stability. Unfortunately I'm still very much in the middle of a period of transition, so I don't think I'll be getting too much of that in the coming year. However, hopefully I am working towards some stability in both my home life and my work life and although it might not come during 2014, I'm going to enjoy the journey while it lasts!

In 2014 I'm looking forward to having lots of new experiences, great adventures and trying lots of things for the very first time! I am looking forward to spending time with good friends old and new and meeting as many new and exciting people - from all over the globe -  as possible. Also where in the past few months I have worried about the possibility of ever meeting someone again, in 2014 I am also looking forward to the possibility of failing in love again.

As I wait for 2014 to begin, anticipating all the wonderful things that it might bring. Amongst the hopes, dreams, ifs, buts and maybes there is one solitary goal that I am constantly striving for. Something I am 100% determined to make a reality in 2014. If I do nothing else in 2014 - I will SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL!

So raise your glasses to a year of travelling, good company, good food and good sex. A year where I will challenge myself to the limit - and find new limits - with ACALMCROSSING and the YEAR31PROJECT. A year full of adventures and firsts.

A year where you will meet your future husband or wife, the year you will lose your virginity or have your first child (fingers crossed not both at once haha). The year you will do that one thing that you have always wanted to.

Here's to 2014 and to it being anything and everything that you want it to be!


Ps. I need to take the opportunity to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has been there for me in 2013. Your support has meant a lot and also to everyone who has been reading this blog (which appears to be more people than I thought! #HappyDays).

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