Thursday, 16 January 2014

Doubling up

I find it really hard to take anybody seriously as a swimmer if they're not "doubling up" while they swim.

It goes back to my club swimming days. I don't know if people still do it nowadays but back then it was all the rage. Everybody did it!

By "doubling up" I am referring to the practice of wearing two swimming costumes or two pairs of swimming trunks. The idea being that the extra costume or trunks would slow you down while you trained. Then come race day you would take the extra costume or trunks off and feeling lighter and more hydrodynamic, you would swim faster!

Now I don't know if it really had a physical effect, if it maybe worked like a placebo or simply had no effect whatsoever but it was something we all did back then and something I still do now. Only I've taken it up a notch since my club swimming days.

In order to really feel the difference, what I do now when I swim is to wear a pair of - what are essentially - beach shorts over the top of my (knee length) swimming trunks. The idea being that the shorts are anything but streamline as they flap about in the water as I swim, causing drag and holding me back. I do this in the hope that it will make swimming harder, which will force me to train that little bit harder. Well, that's the theory anyway.

But does it work? Well I don't know for sure but I'm going with: yes, I think so. Plus either way I'm certainly not planning to stop doing it. After all it is how I judge whether somebody is taking their swimming seriously or not and so as I consider myself to be taking my swimming very seriously, I will have to continue with this practice!

P.s As the only person who does this at my pool, I very happily - and probably very wrongly - assume that I am the only person taking their swimming seriously and therefore that I am the only serious swimmer.

P.p.s Wearing underwear beneath your swimming trunks is not the same thing! That just makes you a bit of a plank!!!

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