Sunday, 1 December 2013

Not the fastest

This month as part of our monthly lifeguard training we had to sprint 2 lengths in groups of three. I easily won my little heat without too much effort. However, I was a tad upset when someone I work with posted a time of 29 seconds for the 50m sprint (I don't know what mine was but probably 35sec+). A time that the NPLQ instructor said was the fastest time all month (for all the Virgin Active gyms he had visited). The person in question was very smug about it. Actually that's probably quite unfair. I don't know if he was smug or it just seemed that way to me as I was slightly annoyed to say the least. 29 seconds? I can beat 29 seconds! The reasons I didn't were because 1. I didn't have my goggles on. 2. I was wearing two pairs of swimming trunks (usual training practice). 3. I was only doing enough to beat the two people I was directly swimming against.

Therefore, as soon as NPLQ training had finished and I was back in the pool for a swim, my thoughts instantly turned to beating that "very average" time of 29 seconds (obviously). So. Goggles on. Top trunks off. Full effort required. And... I wasn't even close :(. But then I was tired after being up at 5am and working 6 hours on just 4 hours sleep. And I hadn't really eaten properly and... Excuses. Excuses. I timed myself doing a 50m sprint and I was nowhere near 29 seconds! But at least I now have a target, something to aim for. I will beat 29 seconds! I will be the fastest employee!!! haha

I'm way too competitive sometimes. I don't like not being the best. Which is a bit of a pain in the arse sometimes but my competitiveness also works to my advantage sometimes. Targeting sub 29 seconds for 50m can surely only make me a better swimmer! Can't it?

Plus while everyone else got out of the pool, hit the spa, sauna or changing rooms. I got back into the pool and did another 152 lengths! Could you do that Mr (smug) Swimming Instructor? How'd ya like them (bitter) apples?!

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