Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Xmas

I called this blog post Merry Xmas because I know it annoys some people who think that putting Xmas instead of Christmas is blasphemes or something. 

That's the mood I'm in today. Playful with a hint of bitchy ;)

I had my last swim before Christmas yesterday and wow was it hard. It happens sometimes. Maybe it was because it was my last swim before a week off for Christmas? I just wasn't there psychologically. I'd already gone home for the holidays. Whereas the day before - even though I hadn't eaten properly all day and hadn't slept properly all week - I did the exact same swim and found it ten times easier. Maybe it was because it was the effects of the day before. Or maybe it was because of something completely different all together.

Whatever the reason, I'm back up in Wales now for Christmas and looking forward to a whole week off of no exercise and eating whatever I want and as much of it as is humanly possible! Namely roasted things  - meat, vegetables, peanuts - and chocolate (not necessarily at the same time but you never know). I do have my trunks with me in Wales but it's highly unlikely that I'll feel dedicated enough to use them. At least not before the 28th or 29th at the earliest. 

Hopefully I won't put it off any longer than that. Of course I won't want to swim. The first swim back is going to be even harder than the last swim. After all the eating and sitting around doing nothing but watching tv (and eating) that I'm planning to do. It's going to be tough going but it's got to be done. I've got to keep up the momentum I've been building. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy no work, no swimming and just relaxing.


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