Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lotions & Potions

(Mostly) thanks to all the swimming I'm doing, I now have more lotions and potions than Boots. Ok slight exaggeration (poetic licence) but I've got more creams, lotions and shampoos than I've ever had before. It's getting out of hand. No one needs this many! Even someone who spends up to 7hrs or more in a swimming pool each week.

  • Nivea for Men (Sensitive) Moisturiser - my face has been incredibly dry recently. Very red, the chlorine has really been drying it out and so it was time to relent and start using moisturiser. I chose Nivea. Not for any particular reason. It was pretty much between Nivea, Dove, No.7 & L'Oreal. There didn't seem to be much between them so I opted for the Nivea one because it's a name I know and well I had to chose one. And my skin can be a little sensitive and so I went with the sensitive option.

  • Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond body lotion -  there are no doubt better body lotions. I needed something desperately and so finding myself in Boots pre-payday (therefore a bit poor) I went for the cheap and cheerful option. Now that I've been paid and I have a better idea of what I'm looking for I will be looking to find a good coconut oil. However, in the meantime this seems to be doing a fairly decent job. My skin is less dry, not so red and itchy and so I'm definitely glad I bought it. 

  • Boots sun, swim & gym - this stuff is great. At least if it does all the things that it claims then it is a swimmers best friend and it seems to do what it says on the bottle. Which is to cleanse and condition your hair, rehydrate hair and skin and remove chlorine and salt. 

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Facial Wash - the only reason I use this face wash is because I have used it since I was a teenager. I don't know if it does anything? But prone to a bit of greasy skin and the odd spot (usually on the end of my nose and usually just before a party or event) I feel the need to use a face wash and if it isn't broken - although it might be - don't fix it and so I stick with this one. I'm not sure what I'd do if they discontinued it (stop using face wash and not notice any difference no doubt haha). 

  • head & shoulders Citrus - because that's what shampoo men use...right? I normally go with the 'for men' version but the citrus option was on offer so that's the one I'm currently using. I also have a bit of a sensitive scalp and some shampoos can irritate it, so sticking to head & shoulders seems to work for me.

  • Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Cream - This is my current shower gel. It's pretty good. As good as shower gel can be. It smells a bit flowery and girly but doesn't irritate my skin. So all's good. I normally use Radox Nourish Shower Cream with shea butter and ginger because I love the way it smells but I found the Imperial Leather one in the 99p store. There's a theme here. The theme is I'm a bit tight and tend to either buy things that are on offer or in the 99p store / Poundland. 

  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (Unscented) - I've always had a problem with chapped skin on my hands. I get it from my mum so I have to use hand cream each winter and this one is really good without being expensive. I use the unscented version because... well from the above you can already see that I already walking around smelling like a tarts boudoir. 

  • Sudocrem -  this stuff is magic. Can be used as an antiseptic on cuts and to help dry up spots, blisters etc. No bathroom cabinet is complete without a tub of it.

  • Seven Seas Immune Support Syrup - it claims that it "Supports your immune defences and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue." I'm not sure if it does. Due to the fact that currently if I'm not in work, I'm in the swimming pool and if I'm not doing either I'm probably sleeping, I'm always tired! So I can't really tell if it is helping. However, it tastes a bit like the chewable vitamins we had as kids and gives you of you RDA (recommended daily allowance) 75% vitamin A, 100% vitamin D, 50% vitamin B2 plus lots of other stuff including a shedload of Cod liver oil. Which all means I can just drink this and then live off of takeaways and chocolate (joke). So I'm going to keep on taking it and if it also helps me to fight of illness and fatigue then that's great!

  • Vitamin D3 - I've been taking vitamin D3 for a year or two now. Ever since the doctor told me I had a vitamin D deficiency. Something that is apparently quite common in the UK, due to a serve lack of sunlight (especially during the winter months)! Although I haven't actually been taking these tablets recently as I've been getting my RDA through the Seven Seas Immune Support Syrup. 

  • Vaseline 24hr protection deodorant - I seem to collect deodorant. Not because I smell particularly badly. I don't. Just the smell of  chlorine. But because I always pick one up when I'm in Poundland or the 99p Store (which is really quite often) and I can't seem to resist when it is on offer in the supermarket, Boots, Superdrug, Savers etc. Ok so I don't have that many but I do currently have four and who needs four deodorants. I need two. One for at home and one for at the pool. Anyway. I normally like using Nivea for Men Cool Kick but of all the ones in the Poundland at the moment this Vaseline one smells the best. I'm not sure that it protects for 24hrs? I'm not sure how any deodorant can legally claim that but I've not had a problem with it. It seems to hold for as long as I need it to.

  • Giorgio Armani Emporio - or some sort of Armani "aftershave" "eau de toilet" or whatever you're supposed to call it. It's the only one I've got at the moment. I normally have at least two or three to chose from but I think the others are at my parents in Wales. My favourite all time spray that I have is called Sculpture from Nikos perfumes. Possibly the nicest non-female smell I've every smelt. 

  • Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matt Surfer Look Matt Paste - I don't normally put any styling products in my hair and I'm not sure why I picked this one. I mean it's not like I'm going for the surfer dude look. But I do have this - trying to be young - shaved higher up one side, comb over hairstyle at the moment and I need something to keep it pushed over to one side. If I don't it ends up looking like I have a 90's undercut on one side of my head. Not a good luck so styling product required and of all the ones in Asda on the day I decided I needed one this seemed like the best. 

So that's all the major ones but there's no doubt one or two more that I've somehow managed to miss off. I just have so many! That's who I am nowadays. Swimmer and Boots' number one customer.

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