Monday, 9 December 2013


You've heard of the term 'earworm', right?
If not: An earworm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing.

I get this all the time. I'm sure you do to? Sometimes it's ok. Is a little annoying. Hangs around for a little while but eventually goes away. But other times it's unmanageable. It's in your head 24/7. It gets so bad it even stops you from sleeping.

It's hardly ever a song you like. Almost always the opposite in fact, some annoying pop tune that you would never normally listen to but heard on the radio or in a shop and it's got in your ear and lodged itself there. And as is the nature of the earworm and the fact that you probably don't know the song very well. There's never more than a line or two, sometimes just the same three or four words going through your brain again and again, your inner sound system stuck on repeat.

Now, I haven't had a bad dose of the earworm in quite some time (I've just jinxed it haven't I?) but I have been suffering from it in the pool recently so I thought I'd put a list together (and I know there are worse offenders than these songs but these are the songs that my worm insists on playing).

But before we get to that here's a band I've been a little obsessed with recently. They're called 'The Family Rain' but of course this isn't the kind of song that gets stuck in your head. It's too good (although that said, I do actually really like a couple of the songs in the list below):


Anthony stands on a glitzy stage dressed in a white tracksuit, dripping in gold and surrounded by teenage girls.

(Voice over)
Live from Poolside Studio's
It's: Top of the (Pool) Pops
Here's your host Anthony Hett
   with this weeks chart rundown of the songs that have 
    been stuck in his head while he's been swimming. 

10. Rising up the charts and back into the top ten for the first time in 2013 it's: 'The White Stripes' with 'Seven National Army'.

9. Down one to number nine, a song that previously spent two weeks at number one it's: 'Kodaline' with their summer hit 'Brand New Day'.

8. Down in eighth place another song that has previously spent some time at number one it's: 'Katy Perry' and 'Roar'. 

7. Sneaking back up the chart in seventh place it's: 'Let Her Go' from 'Passenger'.

6. Still hanging around like a bad smell. At number six it's 'Avicii' and 'Wake Me Up'.

5. Working it's way back into the top ten at number five it's the 'Dolly Parton' classic '9 to 5'.

4. At number four it's the most irritating song - possibly ever - on the list 'Jack' by 'Breach':

3. Straight in at number three (thanks to excessive play at the gym) a new entry from a artist we've already heard from today it's: "Wide Awake' by 'Katy Perry'. 

2. At number two a brand new song from Me that goes something like this: "1, 2, 3 alright. 1, 2, 3 alright. 1, 2, 3 alright. Move your body". (Unfortunately there isn't a video for this work of genius just yet and so here's a video for a song that although didn't make it into my chart is pretty much the definition of an earworm): 

1. And in top spot, spending it's sixth week at the top of the charts. It's my ultimate earworm: 'Uptown girl' by 'Billy Joel' (I just cannot rid myself of this song!).

Happy sleeping everyone ;)

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