Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year 31 Project

So my attempt at swimming the channel has become apart of something even bigger.

The YEAR 31 PROJECT is a year long project running from 4th November 2013 (my 30th Birthday) to 4th November 2014 where I will be attempting to make my 31st year on this little planet of ours the best year of my life. How will I be doing this? Simple. By doing as many things that I have never done before as possible. Going to new places, learning new skills, trying new foods etc etc.

The project is formed of a blog, a vlog and there will also be a live interactive show which I intend to take up to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2014.

Some of the things that I hope to try/complete/learn during the next 12 months include: travelling outside of Europe for the first time. Horse riding. Rock climbing. Getting a piercing and of course the most important thing that I will (hopefully) be doing during my 31st year will be to Swim the English Channel!

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