Sunday, 24 November 2013

Changing room mirrors

Is it just me or are the mirrors in the changing room of gyms magic?

I don't know if it's all gyms or just the one I swim at? But after I've had a swim I look in the mirror - it's a bit like the picture above - and I tend to think "yeah, looking good." Then I get home and look in my bathroom mirror and it's like looking at a completely different person (I'm a pet cat again). I had thought that it might be due to the fact that my muscles are tighter at the gym having just swam, making my body look better. However, I've decided that it's not that! Instead, I've decided that they must use trick mirrors to make their members believe that the gym is working. After all they don't want them to know the ugly truth, as they will all cancel their memberships and the company will go bust!

Ok so maybe it's the first thing or something different all together - brain chemicals, positive thinking, lighting. I don't what it is but I definitely look much better in the mirrors at the gym than I do in the mirrors back at home!

I need to buy some of those mirrors!

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