Thursday, 24 October 2013

Superman doesn't get injured!

I would like to start by assuring you that - I'm not completely crazy - I am not comparing myself to Superman! Average man perhaps? and some people might even argue with that haha.

The title of this blog came from a text message from my friend Sophia. She was the person who encouraged me to take up a challenge in the first place - she suggested a marathon and I thought a swimming marathon - and she has been very supportive ever since.

I mentioned in a text before bed last night that my knee had been hurting after exercising and this morning she text back suggesting that my knee was probably ok now "Superman doesn't get injured" she said and to a certain degree I think that's a great attitude to have.

Obviously I'm not going to go for a jog with a broken leg but I need to keep my attitude positive and stop myself from making excuses not to swim. Because it's hard sometimes. Really hard. You just don't want to do it. You're tried, you've been in work all day, you went to bed late & got up early, you haven't eaten properly all day. But now is not the time for excuses. Now is the time for action and a little encouragement goes a long way. One little text like that and you can feel on top of the world. Well not quite but I certainly feel determined not to let any little aches, pains and niggles keep me from my training - that's for sure!

I've also had some encouraging news from my chiropractor. I've had a bad back and neck for years (a lot of it caused by swimming) but having been to see him again today, he told me that the tension in my neck and back has reduced to 10% of what it was when I started going to see him a few weeks ago. Which is incredibly encouraging I'm sure you will agree? He also told me that he is very happy with the way things are going and that if I continue with the stretches and exercises, we should be able to balance out the muscles and hopefully have me pain free really soon. He has also been very positive about me (potentially) running, cycling and doing whatever other sport I wish, as they shouldn't directly affect my problem - result!

So here I am. Mere mortal (with a dodgy back and a problematic knee) ready to take on the world! My superhero name: The Hurricane (although I tend to think of myself these days as Killer Whale). My arch nemesis: The English Channel. My mission (if I choose to accept it - I already have!): to conquer my self doubt & inner demons and win the battle of a lifetime against the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Will I be able to defeat my fiercest adversary? Only time will tell. But what I will tell you now is that if I am to defeat my deadliest foe, I will need the full support of my squadron of superheroes including Sophia aka Perpetual and Oscar aka The Bone Cruncher, to make sure that I stay mentally and physically strong.

Flu. Swim through it!
Cramp. Swim through it!
Painful knee. Swim through it!
Sore neck. Swim through it!
Bad back. Swim through it!

I'm no superman but swimming the channel is going to take a superhuman effort. So you'll have to watch this blog to see if I'm successful but what you should know now is that it will take more than a few aching limbs to stop me from doing it. I might go as far as to say that not even Lex Luther could stop me from completing this swim!

Bring it on!!!

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