Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Olympic swimmers body

As a child my favourite swimmer was Mark Foster. I was more of a breaststroker than a frontcrawler but Mark Fosters 50m freestyle was phenomenal! and really captured my imagination as a young club swimmer.

As I grew older I didn't really have a favourite swimmer - I was much more into football - but I enjoyed watching the likes of James Hickman* and Stephen Parry swim. Both of whom swam with great big grins upon their faces. And although I didn't (and don't) follow swimming I would (and still do) tend to tune in for the World Championships and Olympics. Therefore I would have to be insane not to admire the huge talents of Denis Pankratov, Ian Thorpe and the swimming wonder that is Michael Phelps (who won a staggering 22 Olympic Medals, 18 of which are Gold!). The man is a machine. A finely tuned swimming machine

In recent years I have also enjoyed watching Rebecca Adlington, Federica Pellegrini, Missy Franklin and of course Ryan Lochte. Not only is he an 11 time Olympic medalist, he (like Mark Foster) has an amazing swimmers body that has all the woman swooning. I would definitely be happy, if a side effect of all of my own swimming was achieving a body like his to impress the ladies with (does that read as creepy? it reads as a bit creepy doesn't it? Never mind!). 

I was therefore a little excited to see a newspaper article with the title: How to get Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's body. I was less excited however, to read the suggestion that you: "Eat 12,000 calories and work out until you're sick." I don't want a body like his that much thank you haha.

ps. I used the word 'swooning' in a blog post. How cool am I! I feel very proud.

* I met James Hickman in a pub in Angel once. We talked about the football without me letting on that I knew he was an (ex)swimmer. Not that I could remember his name at the time. I should have said something though.


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