Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New Hero

Warning: There will be a fair amount of arse licking present in this blog post. Which is a little strange as I normal have a pretty large aversion to that kind of thing.

My all time heroes are Paul Newman and Johnny Cash. Both brilliantly talented men who as well as being hugely successful gave a lot back to the world. However, I seem to have been collecting a lot of new heroes recently. 

Captain Matthew Webb - the first man to swim the English Channel unaided. Enough said. 

Alison Streeter - who has completed the Chanel crossing an amazing 43 times including a 3-way crossing. That's from England to France to England to France. Incredible *bad French accent*.

Diana Nyad - who (at 64 years old no less) became the first person to swim from Cuba to America without the aid of a shark cage. 

Fauja Singh - a centurion marathon runner. It's quite amazing to still be alive over 100, let alone only retire from Marathon running 5 weeks before your 102nd birthday!

This guy - who cannot be named for safety reasons. & anyone else who has risked or given their lives to help someone else.

& my newest hero.
Casey Neistat! - I just love his "can do attitude". I wish I was more like him. And with working towards my swim maybe I am. Hopefully your already well aware of who he is? If not here is his YouTube page and you can thank me later. I'd managed to go along in life without finding out about the existence of his videos up until about a week ago. I've never really understood watching vloggers on YouTube. Actually I still can't. I just like this guy. Plus he doesn't just talk to camera. He makes cool little videos. I can't remember exactly how I found his YouTube page. I think that maybe someone posted one of his videos on twitter? This video is the first one I saw and is hilarious. Thank you to whoever posted it. I will be eternally grateful!

I love all of his videos. Click the links to watch them. You won't be sorry. I thought this video was ingenious. Watching this video I am so wildly jealous of his studio. This video is almost exactly how I feel about swimming. Luckily as a lifeguard I'm at the pool a lot so it's hard to make excuses not to swim. But if I can I will. And this video pretty much sums up everything. MAKE IT COUNT! I watched all 74 of his videos in about 4 or 5 days. they're only short but still that's pretty good going. & now I'm waiting for him to post a new video. 

I find all of the people I have listed above incredibly inspiring. As I do a lot of people in my life - people that I actually know - and I would like to thank you to all of them - thank you for inspiring me! Because looking back over my life I really have wasted far too much of it not really doing anything. So here's to taking the bull by the horns and making my time on this little planet of ours count! (he writes while still in bed at 3.05pm knowing that if he doesn't leave in 10mins he'll be late for work haha)

Ps. During my list of new heroes I also wanted to mention Leslie Grange, who I had decided a couple of days ago was my new 'favourite person ever'. That was until I found out that this article was in fact a hoax. Gutted! I was completely taken in. 

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