Monday, 16 September 2013

You're having a giraffe!

What a nightmare! The final and potentially most important day of the training course, when I have to prove that I'm competent enough to be entered for the NPLQ assessment and I'm two and a half hours late! As me mate Tom would say "you're having a giraffe".  And that's exactly what I wanted to say to my phone, the universe and to a god I don't believe in when I woke up yesterday morning. Because although it's been known for me to be a little late for things every now and then - you won't see the word punctual anywhere on my CV - this one really wasn't my fault. I'm pretty sure someone/something, somewhere was having a laugh at my expense.

I went to sleep around midnight (early for me). Making sure to set the alarm on my phone for 6.40am  before I switched out the lights. I remember waking during the night and checking my phone. 4am - it felt later but I didn't think much of it - so I turned over and went back to sleep. I woke up again a few hours later and it felt late. I panicked a little that I had over slept. Why hadn't my alarm gone off yet? I checked my phone: 4am. That's ok I've still got a couple of hours until I have to get up. Wait! 4am!!! I jumped up out of my pit, grabbed my phone and frantically started pushing buttons, any buttons. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. My phone had frozen at 4am... So what time is it? Am I running late. How late? To get there on time and in the water for 8am - it should be illegal to have to get up so early on a Sunday - I had to leave the house around 7am. What time is it? I reach for my watch: 9.35am!

After repeating every single swear word that I know - English and other languages - at least three times over I threw on some clothes and literally ran out the door. Drove the 40 miles to Sale as quickly as my Dad's big, heavy Land Rover would take me and got there around 10.15. A full two and a half hours after I needed to be there. I took my (still frozen) phone with me to prove "this one really wasn't my fault." but then that's not strictly true. My phone has been broken for a long time (months and months and months), freezing, switching itself off, putting people on hold in the middle of conversations etc etc and so I really should have done something about it by now. Plus I should have known that if the alarm was going to not go off like this, sod's law dictates that it would be on a day like yesterday.

In the end it wasn't too bad. Yes I'd missed going over a few things - didn't look too professional - but before the end of the day I got the opportunity to go over everything that I wasn't 100% sure on, show competency in bandaging a casualty, placing the spinal board and using CPR. There was even time to make sure that I was up to speed on the timed swims, which I'm really happy to say that I was (even if my scissor kick is still completely ineffective).

Before we went home we also had to prove that we could use the AED correctly and safely. It went swimmingly (sorry!) and so that was that. My lifeguard training is complete. "All" I have to do now, is pass the assessment on Tuesday evening! I've got a quite a lot riding on it. So although I'm feeling quietly confident about my ability to pass. Please keep everything crossed for me!!!

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