Thursday, 26 September 2013

Random Act of Kindness

It's so easy to become cynical in your old age. Simply through things that have happened to you directly or to those around you. Watching the news and hearing about the terrible things that happen on our own doorstep (theft, assault, rape, murder etc) let alone what is going on in places like Syria and the Congo does little to help. It is pretty easy to get a little depressed about the state of the world and the horrendous things that it's people are capable of. However my faith in human kindness was restored a little last week by a random act of kindness.

I was on my way back from Sale to North Wales when I found my route back to the motorway blocked by the police. I'm guessing their had been an accident but we were told nothing and I never found out.

In an area I didn't know, with no Sat Nav and a broken phone I had found myself a little stranded. I looked to my left where a middle aged bald man sat in a little red van. He looked back at me and gestured as if to say "this is a little inconvenient but what are you going to do?" I didn't say anything but my facial expression must have said 'little lost sheep' as he asked me where I was going. I wound down my window and shouted "North Wales". He was slightly puzzled but after a bit of thought he told me to follow him left for about 5 miles where he would get out and instruct me on how to get back to the motorway.

I followed him for what seemed a lot longer than 5 miles. At points we didn't exactly go the way the signs were directing us but I figured he knew all the short cuts. But wasn't convinced and so spent the majority of the time following wondering if he had forgotten about me or if he was trying to lure me to a remote farm where he would torture and murder me - the lads at lifeguard training had been talking about horror films (there is a reason I don't watch horror films) - but anytime I fell behind him he would slow down and wait for me. Then after following him for around 10-15mins he pulled up at the side of the road and gave me directions to the motorway. What a nice guy! I made sure to shake him by the hand and I was on my way.

I was really grateful to him. I could easily have gotten myself very lost but instead got back onto the motorway - and therefore home - with the minimum of hassle. And I know it doesn't seem like much but that man didn't have to help me. But he did. He really did. Not just to get back home but to look at the world and it's people in a slightly more positive light - there are lots of really nice, friendly and helpful people out their - and not to be so cynical of people and there motives all the time.

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