Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Quiz fail

Last Wednesday I went to a pub quiz with my mate Rob and a few of his friends. We weren't very good. We - mostly me - were surprisingly good on the disney round, pretty good at the visual riddles, fairly average on the general knowledge and sport rounds, ok on the history round - two of Rob's friends have history degrees - and pretty awful on the picture rounds. Which all added up to us quite possibly finishing 4th out of the 5 teams. We definitely didn't come in the top three - they were announced - and I'm quite hopeful that we beat the two drunken middle aged woman sat at the opposite end of the pub, but it's not for definitely haha.

The reason I'm mentioning it though, was because during the sports round a question about swimming the English Channel came up. What's the likelihood of that? So as you can imagine the pressure is already on when Rob chirps up "Hetts will get this he's doing it next year." So all eyes are on me but it's ok, I'm all swatted up on the facts surrounding swimming the channel. Here goes. I'm ready. "Who was the first person to successfully swim the English Channel in 1875?"

Easy. The mans one of my hereos. It's... it's... no I've got absolutely no idea. Eight hopeful little eyes all pointing in my direction, they're all expecting me to get this one, they've even given me the pen! But it just won't come. I can name the princess from Aladdin but I can't name the first person to successfully swim the English Channel. Wait... something's coming to me. Corporal... Corporal Lance something or Corporal something Lance. No, no that's not it. I have no idea! I really should know his name but I have no idea. Anybody know?

Well his name is Captain Matthew Webb, the man is a complete legend and I'm still kicking myself that I didn't know his name. At least I'll know for next time. But when is that ever going to come up in a quiz again! Maybe it will come up in 'polite conversation' sometime & I'll be ready.

ps. I'm not able to make it to the quiz again this week (unfortunately) as I'm back down in 'that there London' for a couple of days. & it's swimming related so I'll hopefully blog about it soon.

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