Friday, 20 September 2013

Stepping back in time

I'm heading back down to London today after spending the last 6 weeks in Wales and it feels like I'm stepping back in time 4 years. I love North Wales. It's so beautiful - in parts - and full of lots of lovely people (in parts). It was great spending time with my family and catching up - all too briefly mostly - with friends that I really don't see often enough. But it will be wonderful to head back down to the bright lights and big smoke of London town. I'm feeling happy about it but also quite apprehensive too. It feels like a new start - at least I know some people down there this time - it's where I need to be if not always necessarily where I want to be.

After a lot of indecisiveness and sheer laziness I have found myself a job. Over the last couple of weeks I have been training to be a lifeguard and I have got myself a job as a lifeguard at the Virgin Active Gym in Angel. I've got a meeting with the General Manager on Monday afternoon and will hopefully start work soon afterwards. It's only part-time so I will be looking for another part-time job to go with it so if anybody knows of any work: writing, lifeguarding or teaching (creative writing or TEFL) then be sure to point me in the right direction. & I've got somewhere to stay temporarily but if anyone has any ideas on flats in the Islington/Hackney area, any help on that will also be much appreciated.

In the meantime I'm just excited to be going back down to the hustle and bustle for so many reasons. Not least because I will be able to settle into a proper routine of work, training and socialising. For the last few months I have been all over the place with no fixed job or fixed place to stay and trying to fit swimming and meal times into an odd timescale.

But that's nearly all behind me now and I'm looking forward to a fresh start and finally getting my life back in order. 

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