Saturday, 14 September 2013

A midweek weekend

It's the weekend! Well for most people. But not for me unfortunately. I've got intense lifeguard training, Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, including getting up at 6.30am on a Sunday! But that's ok because this week I had an unplanned two day trip back down to my beloved London. I've been up in Wales for the past month or so - which has been both nice and a bit boring - and so it was nice to head back down south for a couple of days. & I had a great time.

At first being in London felt a little bit weird. Like I didn't belong. I don't currently have a flat down there so I'd stayed with friends. Which was really nice but it's nice to have your own place. Having a proper base helps to make you feel more at home in a place. But the initial outsider feeling didn't last very long. I was soon bathing in the eternal glow of the City. London is so fast paced and although that can sometimes get a little too much for a small town boy like me, I friggin loved being surrounded by busy streets and rushing feet again. I've really missed the bright lights, the noisy people and the fact that no matter how late it is, there is always people on the street. Which could be unsettling to some but tends makes me feel safer. For me there's always sinister feeling attached to walking down an empty, silent street. I'm always waiting for someone to mug me or chew off my face (I spend way too much time thinking about Zombies... but when it does happen I'll be more prepared than most).

I went down to London for an interview. If you've been reading my blog then thank you and you'll be aware that I've been training to be a lifeguard recently and if you haven't then why not? and here is the first post so you can catch up ;). As I have already mentioned in a previous post, I started to apply for jobs even before I have finished and passed (keep your fingers crossed for me) my NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification). And last Tuesday afternoon my prayers/nightmares were answered. I received a phone call from a man working at a well known health club (I think it's maybe best not to name them while they aren't my employer) offering me an interview. So cautious as always I jumped on a train the next day and headed down to London for my interview. Well aware that I won't know if I have passed or failed - the course I have already told potential employers I have already passed - until next Tuesday.

But I'm so glad that I did. I got the job. Well on the condition that I pass the course (have I jinxed it now?). And almost more importantly I had a great "weekend". I stayed with some close friends for the two nights - who are always fun and very accommodating - who made me a lovely risotto on the first night. Apparently the prawns were ruined? I don't know? It was really tasty to me. And the second day, I had the interview - which obviously went well - and afterwards I got in some lesson planning (I've got a really cool short term teaching job which I will no doubt tell you about soon) and even a little bit of lifeguard swatting before I went out for a drink with a beautiful girl. After going for a lovely drink - where neither of us drank alcohol (one of my friends that I stayed with really couldn't get her head around that) - we ended up at an event that she was invited to - which I had forgotten I was also invited to run by the wonderful STW - and unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to my watch - or I just wanted to spend as much time as possible in the company of an interesting and very pretty lady - that I managed to not make it to the gig I was supposed to. Sorry Katie! I also somehow managed to get up late and miss my train back up to Wales the next morning - less than ideal. But all in all I'm sure that we can all agree that it was a pretty great midweek weekend trip to London.

& now all I have to do is train and study hard and make sure that I pass my course! (oh and the small matter of finding a flat and a second job because this one is only part time haha)

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