Friday, 16 August 2013

Swim Britain

My brother-in-law (it's been a whole year but it's still really weird to say/write that) told me about Swim Britain earlier today. He heard about it on the radio and when he told me about it I got a bit excited. It looks great. "Swim Britain is a series of 4000m team swimming relays taking place across Britain this September." And looks just like the kind of event I'm looking for to help me get ready for my big swim next year.

It's being held across 11 locations throughout the UK and I would really love to do the open water event at the beautiful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Unfortunately that one comes a little too soon on the 1st September but maybe the one at London Fields Lido on 29th September might be more realistic?

So all I need now is to find 3 team members before the 22nd August (oh and start training). 

If you're interested in joining me get in touch on facebook or by email:


  1. Have you got a team together yet? I know a girl willing to overcome her fear of water as long as she can do it in a burkini...

    1. hahahahahaha and no she's wonderful but very silly. Baby steps... think baby steps. 1000m is a substantial distance!