Thursday, 22 August 2013

Keri-Anne through the Payne

Even though during my first swim on Tuesday night, I seriously struggled to finish 40 lengths (the 1000m required) with plenty of rests in between. Taking into consideration that at times I felt tired, at other times very tired and at one stage so extremely tired that I had no energy, no power in my arms, I was feeling a bit sick, swallowing water and even worried that I might drown at any point (slight exaggeration but only just). And despite the fact that my arms, chest and pretty much the majority of my body was aching like mad when I got up on Wed-nes-day morning (anytime before 12pm still counts as morning). I still signed up for this on Wed-nes-day night.

British Gas SwimBritain.

I've paid to enter a team - "humorously" named Keri-Anne through the Payne - so hopefully I will be able to find some people who are interested in joining me. Each team requires four members and I currently have me and one maybe. So I'm looking for two or possibly three others who are up for doing 4 x 250m (4 x 10 lengths of a 25m pool) in a respectable time. If you're interested yourself or know someone who might be, be sure to check out the details here first and then get in touch (I've signed up for the one at London Fields on Sunday 29th September). I'll be waiting to hear from you (or running around like a headless chicken trying to put a team together more likely).

Come on you know you want to! It's only £15 each to take part, it will be a fun challenge, a great achievement and by signing up you will be really helping out my friend Gigi, who - even though she is afraid of water - offered to be a part of my team if I can't find anyone else. So if you don't do it for yourself, do it for Gigi! (I need more friends like her!)

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