Wednesday, 28 August 2013

1352 lengths

I'm swimming all the way to France!
Sounds pretty impressive when I put it like that doesn't it?
But if I tell you that it's 21 miles, maybe you think "oh right, it's not as far as I had imagined. It's not even as far as a marathon." So let me try and put it into context for you, so you can decide for yourself just how far you think it is.

B: You're planning on swimming the channel? How far exactly is that?
A: It's roughly 21 miles but due to tide etc I could end up swimming up to 28 miles.
B: I'm trying to get my head around how many lengths it's equivalent to.
(time for some simple maths)
A: 1 miles is 1609.344 metres. 21 miles is therefore 33,796.224 meters which is roughly equivalent to 1352 lengths of a 25m pool (up to 1802 lengths if I ended up swimming 28 miles).

Another way to try and help put it into context would be to tell you that I will be swimming (constantly) for up to 15 hours (I'm hoping to complete it around the 12 hour mark).

And to help explain how difficult it can be: a guy at the swimming pool last night was talking about a woman he knew - I think her name was Susan - who had made an attempt to cross the channel the night before. Unfortunately however, she had been pulled out of the sea after 9hrs of swimming because of bad weather and poor light. After training for two and a half years! How cruel is that? The good news is that she is apparently going to try again this September. I'll have everything crossed for her and hopefully I will get a chance to talk to her. Maybe interview her for this blog and get some much needed tips? Watch this space.

ps. that picture above is of my bedroom wall (at my parents house) and that has been written there in chalk for at least 5 years (probably even longer). 

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