Tuesday, 30 July 2013

First stumbling block

I'm still to get into the pool and start my training and yet I've already hit my first stumbling block. Don't get me wrong. I never thought that this would be easy. I knew what I was taking on when I decided that I was going to swim the channel. That's why I keep saying "I'm going to swim the English Channel - I think." However, one thing that I didn't quite anticipate was just how much it was going to cost. Swimming the channel is EXPENSIVE!

First of all you have to register with the Channel Swimming Association which costs £39. Then forgetting all the costs in between like swimming gear, running shoes (do you know how much a good pair will set you back?), a healthy diet, gym membership etc. The Associations fees alone will set you back approximately £400 & that's before you get a boat! Booking a support boat is very important for lots of reasons. You can't just get your mate who has a row boat to go along with you unfortunately (well maybe you can but it's probably not very wise). You have to get one of the CSA Registered Pilot's which will set you back between £2500 and £2700.

Wow that's a lot of mullah! So just in fees and hiring a support boat you're looking at over £3000... and I simply don't have that kind of money! Or any money right now haha. But don't worry. I'm not ready to give up just yet. Not before I've even started my training. It's just my first stumbling block. A little (rather large mountain of an) obstacle that I will need to over come. But I will - somehow. 

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