Wednesday, 24 July 2013


If I do this.
Sorry. I mean WHEN I swim the English Channel (I've been told off for not being positive enough) I will be doing it for me. It's a personal dream. Something that I have wanted to do all my life (practically). It is something I want to do and more importantly something I feel that I need to do. And now feels like the perfect time in my life. I need something to focus on and there is nothing holding me back (not that there ever really was before). 

However, on top of it being a very personal achievement. I feel that it is also important to use it as an opportunity to try and raise money and awareness for a charity that is very close to my heart. Maybe in a future post, I will tell you all about why this charity means so much to me? However, for now let me tell you a little bit about the charity I would love to raise money for.

CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. An incredibly important cause. Not least because: "Suicide accounted for the deaths of more young men in England & Wales in 2011 than road death, murder and HIV/AIDs combined." Quite a sobering thought I'm sure you'll agree?

As well as it being a truly great cause - their excellent helpline runs an invaluable service taking between 1000 and 2000 calls per month - CALM is a brilliant example of a modern charity who knows how to tap into their target audience and raise awareness for their cause in a fun and exciting way. Through their wonderful website, excellent calmzine - a fantastic little magazine available online and in paper form from Topman stores Londonwide - and fabulous events utilising the skills and passions of their many ambassadors, who include DJ's, graffiti artists, musicians, spoken word artists and more. CALM have been successfully effecting change through spreading the message that "being silent isn't being strong" for the past 13 years in Merseyside and the past 2 years in London. An extremely important message that needs to be heard by as many people as possible!

CALM is a truly wonderful charity and it would be a privilege to help them while achieving my personal goal of swimming the channel.

For more information about CALM and the work that they do, visit their website here and be sure to spread the word about the fantastic work that they are doing. 


  1. Good luck swimming the channel! It's a fantastic personal goal, and a great way to raise money for a very good cause. I'm sure most of us have known someone affected by suicide. It's a terrible thing. Let us know when you start collecting and I'll put in a couple of quid. :)

  2. If "being silent isn't being brave" then you've chosen a great way of speaking out - and a wonderful cause is the most lucrative incentive...

    1. the more people that speak out the better. hopefully I can do my little bit.