Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Break from training

Anybody who has been following this little blog of mine will recognise a slight flaw in the title of this post. How can someone take a break from training when they have yet to start training? I hear you cry. Well yes good point! Maybe I should change it to 'Break from planning'. 

Anyway let's forget about the post title for a moment. I'm off to Camp Bestival for a few days (Thursday to Monday) so I won't be able to blog again for nearly a week! Which is really frustrating as I've been quite proud of myself for posting every couple of days. But it's OK. Maybe I can get my assistant to publish my posts for me? I wish! haha If only I had an assistant, everything would be so much easier but unless I can find someone to do it for free? It ain't gonna happen! But maybe my sister will be cool enough to publish some posts for me? If I can find the time and inspiration to write some before I leave that is? 

& I would love to be able to tell you that I'm performing at Camp Bestival but unfortunately that won't be the case. Instead I will volunteering - looking after children - in return for a free ticket. I'm looking forward to it though - I know quite a few people going - it should hopefully be a pretty cool weekend. For "sunbathing in the children's area " I will receive a free ticket, free food, free travel and the tents will also be provided. So all in all, sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

But back to the post title for a moment. As I have still yet to start my training. I won't be taking a break from training but will be postponing the start of my training by another week. & if I'm being completely honest, proper full training (swimming, running, cycling, gym work) won't start for a while yet. Not until I move back to London full-time at the beginning of September. When I'm in a new flat, job (which I need to start trying harder to look for) and a brand new routine. 

So, my schedule looks a little bit like this: Camp Bestival followed by intermittent training, followed by move back to London, followed by the start of a new (full-on) training regime. Or at least that's the plan. 

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  1. I used to be a magician's assistant if that's any help...